A Comprehensive Guide to Vortex Flow Meter Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshooting

Vortex flow meters have become a widely adopted flow measurement technology in process industries due to their non-intrusive nature and versatile characteristics. However, proper installation, commissioning and troubleshooting is crucial to ensure accurate measurement.


  1. Piping requirements– Ensure straight pipe runs of 10x & 5x upstream and downstream pipe diameters.
  2. Orientation– Mount vertically for gases/steam, horizontally for liquids with flow direction upwards.
  3. End connections– Flanges should be aligned concentrically without piping stress.
  4. Sensor positioning– Mount sensor away from plant disturbances for reliability.


  1. Flow checks– Verify working fluid, pressures, temperatures meet specifications.
  2. Signal validation– Compare meter reading to calibrated reference for accuracy.
  3. Documentation– Record commissioning data, calibration constants and circuit outputs.


  1. No output– Check power, cabling, obstructions and transducer integrity.
  2. Erratic output– Potential causes may be disturbances, sensitivity, Reynolds number, fouling.

For any issues, consult the vortex flow meter manual or manufacturer. Proper handling ensures long-term reliability of this robust, versatile flow technology.


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